Prijava za oskrbnika.



In line with the spare capacity of our machine park we provide the following machining on the basis of our documentation (plans), or the documentation provided by the customer:

  • CNC milling, 2.5D, 3D, 3-axis   
  • CNC milling, 3D, 5-axis
  • classic turning
  • CNC turning, 3-axis
  • length cutting of the profiles
  • level cutting of the sheet metal
  • surface grinding
  • wire erosion
  • immersion erosion
  • water cutting   
  • spherical polishing of aluminum and aluminum alloys
  • deburring
  • drilling and thread cutting
  • welding

strojna obdelava


We have been successfully using a recognized software package MasterCAM as a tool for programming CNC machines for many years.





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