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miza vrtljivaIn the automation manipulators are used for manipulating materials or (semi-) products without the use of human labour or to reduce the use of human labour. Manipulators may be 1- or more-axis (movement of the material in several plains or directions). Axes can perform linear movements or gestures in the form of a circular arc (twist or rotation) or, if such a request, at a certain curve. Modern industrial robots are the most complex form of manipulators, but in some cases they do not meet the needs for specific manipulation and therefore necessity for a special purpose manipulator arises.



Robots are in today's industry a widespread form of manipulators because they offer a high degree of flexibility, adaptability and programmability. Nowadays, their price is very competitive, if not more competitive than the price of special purpose manipulators, which are not so flexible. We offer our customers complete solutions in the field of robots, e.g., manufacturing of robotic cells, programming of robots, establishing communication with other machines, making fixtures and everything else that belongs to the segment of industrial robots.


 The most common applications are:

  • loading / unloading of products or material  
  • tending machines - taking products from the machine or putting in the machine
  • lifting / lowering products with a purpose of the execution of certain operations
  • lifting / lowering sacks - BIG-BAG manipulator
  • stacking products
  • shifting of products (for example, from one to another conveyor)
  • separation of products (control unit determines the product as unacceptable, the manipulator eliminates it from the process)
  • linear transfer for moving more products at a time for a certain distance in a straight line
  • radial transfer for moving more products at a time for a certain distance in a circular direction
  • deposition of various materials (paint, adhesive, sealants, etc.).
  • assembly, welding, cleaning, etc.





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